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Garden Design & Landscaping

Nature’s Stress Relief

In 2008 there was a study where Dutch researchers found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their ward had lower stress levels at the end of the study than patients who didn’t have any plants. So we thought we would list 5 of the top indoor house plants that are easy to take care […]

Typical British Summer

The frustration of a hot humid day and the anticipation of a good thunder storm.  I am sat looking out of my office window praying for a refreshing down pour. By the time you read this we will either be in a drought or experiencing monsoon weather, the joys of the British weather. It has […]

What is Spring?

Spring is the transition season between winter and summer. The days get longer, temperatures warm and plants blossom. OK, that was easy. But did you know… Spring in the meteorological sense begins in March and ends in May. Though, astronomically, spring will typically start on the day of the vernal equinox, which happens around the […]

It’s winter, so get outside and do some gardening

A good gardener knows not to neglect the garden during the winter, for a gardener lives and works at least one season ahead. This certainly applies to Landscapers too. We have hundreds of calls form homeowners that want to create the perfect garden, but often they call us in the Spring. Making plans, drawing designs […]

Hedgehogs and Kitchen Gardens

What’s trending in your garden? This Spring is all about Kitchen Gardens and Hedgehogs. I’ll explain by starting with the latter – hedgehog numbers are on the decline in the UK. A recent survey by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species has shown that hedgehog numbers have dropped to around 1 million in the UK. […]