What’s trending in your garden? This Spring is all about Kitchen Gardens and Hedgehogs.

I’ll explain by starting with the latter – hedgehog numbers are on the decline in the UK. A recent survey by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species has shown that hedgehog numbers have dropped to around 1 million in the UK. When compared to the 30 million we had in 1950, it is clear that we have a worrying trend. In fact, only 12% of people in the UK saw a hedgehog in 2016.

Increased farming activities have driven hedgehogs into their new habitats in our urban areas, so domestic gardens need to be in tune with a hedgehog’s needs. To protect numbers, the small things count – leaving twigs and leaves in the borders of your garden will offer warmth, and don’t use slug repellent, as it can kill them. Ideally, if everyone did a few small things to help, then our domestic gardens will become an interconnected hedgehog paradise.

Aside from protecting endangered species, you should also protect your health. Your garden can help with this – the Kitchen Garden is the in-thing to create this Spring. Following the trend of healthy and environmentally friendly vegetarian living, the Kitchen garden has returned. The health benefits are obvious, but cutting out meat and growing your own will also massively reduce your food bills. They are stylist too, with raised sleeper beds creating clean lines and a formal tidy feel. If you do decide to start such a project, get cracking – don’t wait until the weather picks up, who knows when that will be.