In 2008 there was a study where Dutch researchers found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their ward had lower stress levels at the end of the study than patients who didn’t have any plants.

So we thought we would list 5 of the top indoor house plants that are easy to take care of and will increase oxygen levels and clear out bad toxins to allow easy breathing (Some even have a NASA stamp of approval)

Aloe plant – Can help clear the air of any pollutants found after using chemical cleaning products.

Beautifully green and spiky Indoor aloe plant

English Ivy – NASA approved this as “the number one best air-filtering houseplant”

English ivy drooped over a modern wooden wall shelf

Rubber tree – Thriving even in dim light and requires low-maintenance, still a very good toxin eliminator.

Shiny green rubber tree plant in a brown pot indoors, with unfocused background

Peace lily – Beautiful plant, low-maintenance & a reduces a good number of toxins in the air.

White leafed peace lily with beige coloured stem out of focus dark green leaves in the background

Snake Plant – This plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night, most plants will do this during the day so this one can fill in the night shift.

Dark green large leaves with yellow edges, in a brown pot with a coloured stain glass window in the background

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