The frustration of a hot humid day and the anticipation of a good thunder storm.  I am sat looking out of my office window praying for a refreshing down pour. By the time you read this we will either be in a drought or experiencing monsoon weather, the joys of the British weather.

It has been a very dry spring with none of the usual April showers. The lawns are already showing signs of stress so raise the blades a little higher and leave the lawn treatments until the lawns are looking a little greener, if you apply the chemical during dry times you will almost certainly scorch the grass.

If you have planted any trees or hedging over the winter months remember they will need watering for the first season and especially as they start to get their leaves. A wilting plant is simply telling you it needs a drink!

Water butts and washing up water are a great way of watering the garden without putting pressure on the reservoirs. remember to water during the evening as the water will be less likely to evaporate off.

Gardens in June and July should really be at there best, if yours is lacking colour consider planting perennials for summer colour. My favourites would have to be Nepeta, salvias, Agapanthus and the Herbaceous Geraniums. They have the advantage over annuals that they come back year after year. Why not visit your local garden centre this weekend and add a little bit of colour to your garden.

Alan Muxlow