Spring is the transition season between winter and summer. The days get longer, temperatures warm and plants blossom. OK, that was easy. But did you know…

Spring in the meteorological sense begins in March and ends in May. Though, astronomically, spring will typically start on the day of the vernal equinox, which happens around the 20th March. Essentially, the equinox is when the sun’s is up and down for the same amount of time each day. Vernal comes from the Latin ‘vernus’, meaning bloom… well, I didn’t know that.

So Astronomers would say that Spring starts on the 20th March, citing the sun being equally up as it is down, while Meteorologists say that Spring begins on the 1st March; and Phenologists complicate things further, as they wait for the flowers to tell them, so for them it differs every year.

More things you may not know

More snow at Easter that at Christmas? Statistically, it is true that we are more likely to see snow in March than in December. But then Easter can fall in April when you are less likely to see it than in, say, January.

Us Brits love to talk about weather, but it really is academic to discuss the variables relevant to the start of Spring, as it has never not happened. Spring always sprungs every year regardless, and because of this people start thinking about the garden. So make some provisions early this year – don’t get caught out – sharpen those tools and anticipate the longer, milder evenings spent in the garden. And come and see us at the Landscape Centre on Bell plantation if you need any help.