A good gardener knows not to neglect the garden during the winter, for a gardener lives and works at least one season ahead.

This certainly applies to Landscapers too. We have hundreds of calls form homeowners that want to create the perfect garden, but often they call us in the Spring. Making plans, drawing designs and creating planting plans takes time. Better to think about these things in the Winter, and get the work done in time to enjoy your garden when Spring finally arrives.  

In many ways, I love Winter more than any other season – I potter about, wrapped up warm, with hat and scarf, and I anticipate the subtle signals of Spring; the eager Snowdrop, the returning birds, the sun lingering late into the afternoon. But there is much work to do before this, so I busy myself with Winter tasks to stem the melancholic longing for Spring.

Start a new project that will enhance your enjoyment of the garden. Why not put in a nice sturdy bench – somewhere to sit and observe the beds when the Spring rolls around? Or perhaps inject some colour early on. Plant up some bare pots with vibrant colour to give yourself a much-needed boost during the cold months – Pansies, Primulas and Heathers are particularly good for this. Maybe you’re thinking of having a summer house? You’ll need a strong level base to prevent subsidence. Work out your area, dig it out 4” (8” if your adding hardcore), make the frame with some local timber, and then pour in the concrete.

Whatever you do, get out there and think about the garden – Spring is always just a matter of months away, and that’s a good thing.