We have been providing gutter clearing services in Towcester and the surrounding villages for over 10 years, operating as “We Clear Your Gutters”

Through visiting many different types of properties over those years, ranging from: bungalows, three story detached, cottages, semi-detached & terrace houses. This has given us confidence that we can handle most domestic and small business buildings. If you are unsure please give us a call or get in touch via contact form on contact page

01327 855 957

*We can usually quote without visiting the property, providing we can find it on Google earth*

Gutter filled with green sludge & debris blocking the gutter
Same gutter as the left image but completely clear of all debris

We have the required equipment to be able to clear any gutter up to 16 meters with out the use of a ladders, scaffolding or access platforms. We normally do like to use a ladder to double check the work and make sure the gutters are fully cleared. 

Clearing your gutter is an essential part of maintaining your property and in conjunction with a water tight roof, gutters make sure that rain is drained from the building, preventing damp and potentially damaging walls. 

Member of staff using a long pole reaching up and clearing out the gutter

 Over 60% of flood damage is a result of blocked or damaged guttering and we can even clear your gutters whilst you are not home. Our simple, low cost service ensures that blocked gutters don’t cause damage to your property and leave you with a larger bill down the road.