Passion, professionalism, and attention to detail is what makes us stand out; so we thought: why not apply the same great principles to lawn treatments?

We can help with : Weed & Feed fertiliser treatment, aeration & scarification.

As well as providing advice and treatments, we also have a garden maintenance service which can make sure your lawn stays in top condition.

Image of new green grass after our lawn treatment
Nice green back lawn with well maintained hedge & flowers

There are many factors that one must take into account to create the perfect lawn:

  • Feeding is something that can be done all year round – not just during the warmer months as many people believe. In fact, a healthy lawn has probably been fed more than three times a year.
  • A lawn should be cut on the highest setting during the Spring and gradually lowered through to the Autumn. But be careful, as cutting too low combined with a dry spell can kill the grass.
  • Mowing is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of the grass. Though the necessity to mow is obvious to most, many are unaware of the potential pitfalls of mowing that can damage your lawn. Cutting at a lower height, for example, will mean less frequency of mowing. However, this can damage the lawn, especially in the early Spring when one mows for the first time.  
  • Of course during the winter when the ground is frozen or covered with snow one would refrain from feeding, but as long as the weather permits, the time of year is irrelevant.
  • Between Spring and Autumn is when the garden requires regular maintenance, consisting of mowing, feeding, moss-killing, and weeding.
  • Alan Muxlow have a wide variety of lawn treatments; aside from the typical weed and feed treatments, we offer scarification and spray treatments to rid your lawn of all those unwanted mosses and weeds.