Very neglected pond with statue pelican, bricks holding protective netting & moss all over the walls of the pond
Beige stone, roman bath style pond with trickling water feature & floating lilly pads

Ponds & water features can be beautiful additions to any garden. It is important to remember that they are fragile ecosystems with communities of plants and wildlife, which need to be regularly cared for.

It’s very important that there’s a correct balance between fish, plants & filtration for a healthy pond. All ponds are different, so on top of our popular garden maintenance service we also offer a flexible pond/ lake maintenance package which can involve monthly, quarterly or yearly care depending on the requirements of the pond.

Lake Maintenance

We have the experience & expertise to handle small pond jobs as well as large lake projects. We can source the best natural fish food, test the ph scale of the water to ensure the fish are in a comfortable environment. 

Water features

We can also source a huge variety of water features, filters & pumps as well as being able to restore any old water features to a healthy state. We have restored large water fountains and small “trickle” water features/ waterfalls.

Wooden sleepers surrounding a pond with black pond liner in and filled half with water

Pond construction

Sometimes a pond has been so neglected that it requires re-building to bring it back to life, we can help with this as we have experienced construction workers who can help with any section of the pond/ design. 

Winter pond cut back

Pond Gallery

Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, we have the experience and passion to fully restore & maintain your pond to the highest standards. Here are some effects of not maintaining a pond regularly:

  • Fish waste combined with, overgrown plant debris can create toxic gases which can easily harm your fish.
  • It can become; Dangerous, unattractive & often creates unpleasant odours.
  • A black sludge will easily form and this can kill underwater plants as well as depriving the fish of the oxygen they need to remain healthy.
  • If too much algae builds up it can block out sunlight which can effect both the plants & fish.